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Vega Mancha Manchego with truffles is produced with raw sheep´s milk of the highest quality, collected from selected herds from the same area, that maintain a rigorously supervised nourishment. Brought to Metro Manila, Philippines for you, get to try this gem from Spain!


About Vega Mancha

Located in the heart of La Mancha, it is one of the main manufacturers of cheese with the Manchego Denomination of Origin, both in industrial cheese and in artisan cheese. They are specialists in cheeses made with sheep's milk, where there is growth and consolidation in the market both nationally and internationally. Highlighting its specialties, innovation in product development and the wide range of cheeses from all Spanish denominations of origin.


What is the tasting profile of Manchego with truffles?

Manchego with truffles is a cured sheep cheese with truffle, made with pasteurized milk. It is cured for a duration of 5 to 6 months before being commercialized. Cheese with personality, elegant in appearance and rich in very marked nuances, with a pronounced flavor.

This traditional cheese together with the black truffle creates a perfect balance, challenging our senses to perceive its flavor and texture. The truffle makes its way through its interior making it an innovative cheese, giving it an imposing image.


What wine to pair with Manchego with truffles?

It is a great to enjoy with Spanish Cava (Franck Masard Mas Sardana Cava Brut Nature NV) or a Spanish white wine. However, it is also a cheese that can be appreciated when paired with light red wine, such as a pinot noir (Laforêt Bourgogne Pinot Noir)

Vega Mancha - Manchego with truffles - Pack approx. 100g

  • Get to try this other version of Manchego with truffles, available here in Metro Manila Philippines!

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