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Salchichon Iberico Cular is made from the highest quality pork and is flavored with black pepper and salt. It is advisable to serve this aromatic product cut into thin slices as an indispensable snack. Enjoy this delicious delicacy brought to you here in Metro Manila, Philippines.


About Nico Jamones

Nico Jamones is a Spanish family business currently managed by the second generation to whom grandfather Nico has been able to transmit his great knowledge of the product, the ability to select the best raw materials and know the needs of customers, signs of identity of our company for more than 50 years.


How is Salchichon Iberico made?

Salchichon Iberico is made from the lean meat of the Iberian pig, all of them of the highest quality. The meat mixture has 80% meat and 20% bacon.


What is the tasting profile of Salchichon Iberico?

Salchichon Iberico is a cured sausage that has a strong traditional character. To make it, high-quality Iberian meat and a mixture of spices are used that give it that intense aroma and characteristic flavor.Juicy and high-quality Spanish black pork meat ensures an exceptional taste of the sausage. Black pigs graze freely in the oak groves, where they feed on fresh grass, mushrooms, beetles and herbs, and of course acorns. Such a natural and wholesome diet forms the taste of meat that has already been appreciated by gourmets from all over the world.


What wine to pair with Salchichon Iberico ?

Pair your Salchichon Iberico with a nice velvety and young red from Spain, Beronia Crianza would be a a perfect choice. However, the ultimate pairing will be with a CAVA, therefore Franck Masard Mas Sardana Cava Brut Nature NV is your best choice! Enjoy your Salchichon Iberico with bread, it will also be the best companion in your cheese and cold cuts platter, it makes the joy of every gourmet.

Nico Jamones - Salchichon Iberico Cular - Pack approx. 100g