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Jamon Serrano is the culinary symbol of Spain, enjoyed at every restaurant and bar across the country. Enjoy this delicious delicacy brought to you here in Metro Manila, Philippines.


About Jamondor

Being a family-run enterprise, Jamondor has produced Serrano and Iberian hams and sausages for nearly 50 years. Since the outset, they have worked with the best quality, choosing the best meats and maturing our products to their full potential.
Their goal is to give only the greatest quality and flavor, while guaranteeing nutritional and healthy benefits throughout our range. To that end, they take care of every stage in the production process and concentrate on traditional methods and recipes.


How is Jamon Serrano made?

Serrano ham is a food obtained from the salting and air drying of the hind legs of the pig. This same product is also called paleta or paletilla (shoulder) when it is obtained from the front legs. Serrano ham is opposed to cooked ham, also called York ham or "sweet ham". Jamon serrano Bodega is cured for a period of 9 to 12 months.


What is the tasting profile of Jamon Serrano?

Serrano ham is today one of the jewels of Spanish gastronomy. It is, in fact, the most consumed ham in the entire Iberian Peninsula. Indispensable since its creation, it comes in different aspects and invites itself alone or accompanied in the best Spanish dishes. Serrano ham has a rich, buttery, slightly spicy taste with sweet notes, an intense aroma. Jamon Serrano has a soft texture and and intense in flavor and scent, it is a real umami produce.


What wine to pair with Jamon Serrano?

Pair your Jamon Serrano with a nice velvety and young red from Spain, Beronia Crianza would be a a perfect choice or a Hito Ribera Del Duero too. However, the ultimate pairing will be with a CAVA, therefore Franck Masard Mas Sardana Cava Brut Nature NV is your best choice! Enjoy your Jamon Serrano with bread, it will also be the best companion in your cheese and cold cuts platter, it makes the joy of every gourmet.


Jamondor - Jamon Serrano Bodega - Pack approx. 100g

  • Jamón Serrano cured ham is served in every part of Spain. Although some regions have a longer tradition of producing Jamón Serrano than others, the production of Serrano ham is not limited to a certain geographic area. Its rustic taste makes it great to enjoy with a glass of red wine!

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