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The second wine of Château Duhart-Milon (from Barons de Rothschild Lafite) is selected from the same bases as the great wine. These are generally vines that are younger than the average for the vineyard. Brought to Metro Manila, Philippines for you.


Grape Varieties: Merlot: 62% Cabernet Sauvignon: 38%

Region: Pauillac, Bordeaux, France


About the Vineyard and the wine

Moulin de Duhart presents characteristics similar to a great wine with, however, a lower aging potential since its aging in barrels is shorter, for about 10 months.

It must be drunk younger than its elder. The origin of the name comes from the ancient presence of a mill on the Carruades plateau, adjacent to the Duhart-Milon vineyard. After a rather mild winter, spring was marked by the frost nights of April 26 and 27 which severely affected the Bordeaux vineyards. Duhart-Milon, in its coldest areas, was affected over 5 ha. Conditions then became excellent with warm temperatures, higher than normal, and balanced and well-positioned precipitation. The flower arrived early so that by mid-June we were almost 15 days ahead of fruit set. After a good episode of rain at the end of June, temperatures, without being cold, remained below normal throughout the summer. This allowed us to return to a normal schedule and the ripening continued slowly and perfectly until mid-September, when the harvest began.

An episode of rain, from September 10 to 20, disrupted a serene climate, generating more comments than real degradation. Over the course of a classic 20-day vatting, the wines quickly asserted their potential and their rather classic character.


Tasting notes

Brilliant deep red color. Expressive nose with notes of ripe fruit enhanced with a touch of caramel. Good attack on the palate. Delicate and silky wine, well balanced and beautiful roundness.

Long and very homogeneous finish.


What to pair with Moulin de Duhart?

Moulin de Duhart can go very well with grilled red meat, fricassee of mushrooms, game, leg of lamb, etc. You can also enjoy it with a cold cuts platter for the aperitifs (cold cuts). With cheeses we would recommend to go for hard or semi hard cheese with a bit of nutty flavors such as a Comté.

Moulin de Duhart, 2017

  • Enjoy the wonderful 2nd wine from Château Duhart-Milon: Moulin de Duhart

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