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From the region of Franche-Comté in France, Comté cheese bursts with the flavours of the mountains where it is produced. Enjoy their powerful fruity, roasted flavours: the taste of toasted almonds, melted butter, spices and citrus fruits. Enjoy this Comté cheese brought to you in Metro Manila Philippines.


How is Comté made?

The Comté is made with raw cow’s milk, The milk is poured into copper tank where is it heated up to 40degrees C max. Then some Levain or leaven is added which will act as acidifying agent, those will help developing the taste of the cheese. After few minutes of maturation, some presure or rennet which will activate the coagulation of the milk. When the milk curd reach the right consistency the cheese maker proceeds to cut it to get pieces of small sizes. The curd is then heated to a temp min 53 for at least 30mins. This is to remove le petit lait or small milk (the liquid residual that appears during coagulation).
The cheese is extracted and put into mould, salted and to be then pressed for at least 6 hours.
L’affinage or the ripening is done on a board of epicea tree for at least 120 days. Most of the Comté are 6, 12, up to 24 months and more.


What is the tasting profile of Comté?

The aromas of Comté are similar to nuts similar to almonds or hazelnuts.
The flavours are not that strong but very fruity, roasted and nutty, with almonds, melted butter and fresh milk, there is a little bit of acidity with some citrus which is well balanced.

What wine to pair with Comté?

To pair a Comté the ideal is a Vin Jaune or Arbois from the Jura, but you can also enjoy it with dry white wine, a burgundy for example such as Laforêt Bourgogne chardonnay even with champagne (Pol Roger Brut Reserve). With a light red wine, à Pinot Noir is a good idea, try our Laforêt Bourgogne Pinot Noir.

Comté can also be used in cooking, for a example with a quiche, mixed with cured bork belly, or even simply in a sandwich where it can be melted. Pair it with bread!


Juraflore - Comté 12 months - Pack approx. 140g

  • Comté cheese brought to Metro Manila, Philippines. Enjoy the very flavorful cheese, which is one of the best for gourmet and cheese lovers!

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