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From Domaine Clarence Dillon, Le Dragon de Quintus is the second wine of Château Quintus, it is a very balanced wine, with a nice structure and intense fruit. Brought to Metro Manila, Philippines for you to enjoy it.


Grape Varieties: Merlot Noir : 77% ; Cabernet Franc : 23%

Region: Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, France


About the Vineyard and the wine

The inspiration for the name was given to us by the property's privileged location on this promontory, as well as by the history of the watchtower and its mission to defend the village. Indeed, in Western myths, the Dragon is presented as a very intelligent being, generally guardian of an invaluable treasure and a protector endowed with a formidable sight from afar.
It is this symbol, anchored in the history of the property, of guardian and protector of a magical terroir, observing this panorama which extends as far as the eye can see, that we have therefore chosen to baptize the second wine of Château Quintus.

The 2014 vintage is marked by an Indian summer that is as remarkable as it is saving. The good climatic conditions of spring ensure a normal start of the vegetative cycle. However, the harsh conditions of the summer season slow down the maturity of the grapes. Fortunately, a breathtaking September followed, with dry, particularly sunny weather and temperatures hovering around 30 °. This fine weather, complemented by cool nights, will allow the grapes to reach very good maturity and excellent sanitary condition.


Tasting notes

The very expressive nose reveals tasty notes of cherries and raspberries. The airy mouthfeel and endowed with a beautiful freshness, lets express the greediness of the fruit. The finish prolongs and confirms the charming and pleasant side of this wine.


What to pair with Le Dragon de Quintus?

Le Dragon de Quintus Saint-Emilion can go very well with grilled beef and lamb, and also meat in sauce dishes. You can also enjoy it with a cold cuts platter for the aperitifs (cold cuts). With cheeses we would recommend to go for hard or semi hard cheese with a bit of nutty flavors such as a Comté.

Le Dragon de Quintus, 2014

  • Enjoy the wonderful 2nd wine from Château Quintus: Le Dragon de Quintus.

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