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Joselito Paleta Gran Reserva is certified 100% natural. Joselito is one of the best brands in the world of jamon, declared on several occasions as "the best ham in the world". Enjoy this delicious delicacy brought to you here in Metro Manila, Philippines.


About Joselito

Established in 1868 and with more than 150 years of experience, Joselito treasures the secrets of a tradition that is ancestral. Therefore the 6 generations of the same family have always worked with the same objective:

make the best ham and charcuteries in the world.


How is Paleta made?

Paleta comes from the front leg of the pig and usually weighs between 4 and 5.5 kg. Iberian shoulders have a higher portion of fat and bone that could reach 60%. In this way, its morphology is thinner and less rounded than that of Iberian hams, so that the slices obtained are finer. The Joselito Paleta goes through a natural curing process of more than 24 months before being commercialized, all the flavors will develop during that stage.


What is the tasting profile of Paleta Gran Reserva?

For a greater enjoyment of the organoleptic qualities of the Joselito Paleta, it is advisable to consume it at room temperature. Moreover, Regarding the flavor of the Paleta, it should be noted that as the meat is closer to the bone, its taste is more intense, which will make it better suited to those palates accustomed to stronger and more cured flavors. The savors are from nutty and sweet, to earthy and floral. Also, some umami flavors similar to mushrooms can be detected. It is unique and not comparable to any other delicacy.


What wine to pair with Paleta Gran Reserva?

Pair your Joselito Paleta Gran Reserva with a nice velvety and young red from Spain, Viña Pomal Crianza would be a a perfect choice or a Hito Ribera Del Duero too. However you can also enjoy the Paleta with a lively white wine, we recommend Viña Pomal blanco. Finally, the ultimate pairing will be with a CAVA, therefore Franck Massard Mas Sardana Cava Brut Nature NV  is your best choice! Enjoy your Paleta with bread, Paleta will also be the best companion in your cheese and cold cuts platter, it makes the joy of every gourmet.

Joselito - Paleta Gran Reserva - Pack 100g (sliced)

  • Enjoy the savoury taste of Joselito Paleta Gran Reserva, why not with a glass of red wine. Brought to Metro Manila, Philippines for you!

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