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Made with raw sheep´s milk of the highest quality in the Basque country, the unique flavors of Idiazabal cheese are worth trying. It was brought to Metro Manila, Philippines for you!


About the origins of Idiazabal

Its origin is in nature, in the green landscapes of Euskal Herria. The same environment in which, with hardly any changes over more than eight thousand years, Basque shepherds have bred the Latxa and Carranzana sheep, native breeds with peculiar characteristics whose raw milk is used to make this singular and appreciated cheese.


What is the tasting profile of Idiazabal cheese?

The flavor of an Idiazabal cheese is intense, broad, "fills the mouth", and at the same time it is balanced and characteristic. A clean, consistent flavor with a strong “ripened sheep's milk” character and some natural rennet flavor.

A real favorite of those who enjoy a tasty, chewy cheese, Idiazábal has a hard, dry texture yet feels pleasantly oily when consumed. Cheese lovers rave about its distinctive rich, buttery flavor and its perfumed smoky aroma and flavor. Even its hard, orange-brown rind is edible.


What wine to pair with Idiazabal cheese?

It is a great to enjoy with Spanish Cava (Franck Massard Mas Sardana Cava Brut Nature NV) or a Spanish white wine. It is also a cheese that can be appreciated when paired with light red wine, such as a pinot noir (Laforêt Bourgogne Pinot Noir) or a young Spanish red (Beronia Crianza) associating its smoky profile with the wine. Pair it with bread!

Idiazabal cheese - Pack approx. 150g

  • Get to try this smoky sheep's milk cheese from Spain, available here in Metro Manila Philippines!

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