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Raclette is one of the flagship dishes of winter. It allows you to warm up and spend a good evening with family or friends, after a day of skiing or work. This recipe was invented by Swiss shepherds in the 12th century in the canton of Valais. Enjoy this traditional dish at the comfort of your home with this Raclette party grill brought to Metro Manila Philippines for you!


Cleaning instructions

It is possible to clean the plate of the raclette machine with a damp cloth. Make sure that your machine is off and unplugged while cleaning it. Start to  scrape off the food residue with a wooden spatula. Avoid at all costs the metal spatulas which will scratch the plate in a single gesture. Then wash everything in with damp cloth (warm water is better) with a few drops of washing up liquid. Note that this solution is ideal if you want to clean your appliance as quickly as possible, just after your meal, to avoid diffusing the smell of cheese all over the house. Never submerge your raclette grill. 


Get your Raclette cheese here!

Beillevaire - Raclette Party Grill

  • For a friendly evening for two; raclette grill with griddle. Warm atmosphere guaranteed!

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