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A Chablis for Vivaldi!

Today I wanted to relax and have glass of white wine while listening to music. I chose a very nice Chablis. While enjoying the nice Burgundian, I was thinking on what song or piece of music could pair with it. So I started to analyze the wine.

The pale golden color was limpid and presented green glints. On the nose, dictinct aromas of lime and green apple, some stony scents and a discreet touch of green bell pepper.

The palate offered a mouthwatering wine, refreshing and with a good acidity all along until the finish, not too high though. Flavors of citrus with dominance of lemon as well as sour green apple were mainly felt. The body was quite light and the finish turned to be medium, lingered by the nice crispness.

What music came to my mind was the well-known Allegro of The Four Seasons of Vivaldi (Spring). Similarly to the wine, this introduction of the concerto is quite straightforward with a main phrase easy to memorize. The acuteness of the violins would remind of the lively acidity and citrus flavors of the wine as well as its lightness, a simple harmony leading to a perfect combination of notes and savors just pleasant to listen or drink. When the main theme changed to a more minor tone, the aromas of bell pepper went to my thoughts. Finally, the main phrase came back to go decrescendo until the end, representing well the finish of this Chablis, still on a little acidity.

When tasting wine, the atmosphere around plays an important role, and most of the time, a quiet place would be recommended. However, the experience today was really interesting, fun and enjoyable. When well paired, music brings the tasting to another level.

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