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Enjoy a wine and cheese tasting event at H&T Wine Gallery with French wine and cheese connoisseur, Tanguy Gras.

- 1 glass of curated red wine

- 1 glass of curated white wine

- 1 glass of curated sweet wine

- Approx. 33g goat cheese

- Approx 33g bloomy rind cheese

- Approx. 33g sheep milk's hard cheese

- Approx. 33g cow's milk hard cheese

- Approx. 33g blue cheese

- 1 jar (30g) peach rosemary jam 

- 1 jar (30g) Blueberry Sichuan pepper jam 

- 1 freshly baked half baguette/French bread

- Wine and cheese tasting event with French wine and cheese connoisseur

​Cheese selection may change depending on availability (for perfect tasting experience the selection will always be 5 cheeses - 1 goat, 1 bloomy rind, 1 hard cow's milk, 1 hard sheep's milk, 1 blue cheese).

Wine and cheese tasting event - Saturday, April 27th, 4pm (1 person)

  • Get to experience a unique wine and cheese tasting experience in Quezon city,  Manila. Wine and cheese connoisseur Tanguy Gras takes you to a wonderful journey of flavors, knowledge and discoveries!

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