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VADIO is located at the Poutena village in the BAIRRADA region. It is a small family project founded in 2005 by the winemaker Luís Patrão that has as an essential element the recovery of BAIRRADA’s traditional grape varieties and the production of authentic DOC BAIRRADA wines. The wines present a very classic style that intends to respect the authenticity of the region and its character, Vadio Tinto is the perfect example for it.

Vadio, Tinto 2017

  • Region: Bairrada, Portugal

    Vadio is a small family producer founded in 2005 by winemaker Luis Patrao and wife Eduarda. It is in Poutena village in Bairrada region. The nose shows the classic elegance of baga and the freshness characteristic of Bairrada. The palate is delicate where the acidity shines and persists accompanied by  very soft and polished tannins. This wine is best paired with grilled, braised, or roasted meat.


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