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A whole bunch of stone fruits, The Shy Pig Chardonnay is a unique and fun wine from South Eastern Australia, and it was brought to Metro Manila, Philippines for you.


Grape Variety:  Chardonnay

Region: South Eastern Australia


About the winery and the wine

In the yard a cheeky little pig started to make a name for himself. Random mischievous acts were being encountered, often with a glimpse of a curly tail, scrambling away with the cutest of snorts. So infamous was this little character that he has landed himself on a bottle or two.

This Shy Pig is crafted by award-winning winemakers with fruit selected from the vineyards in the Murray Darling, Limestone Coast & Riverland regions where skill, experience and modern winemaking techniques are utilised to produce a consistently high quality product in each and every bottle.


Tasting notes

Stone fruit flavors, creamy cashew flavors, spicy flavors, and nut flavors from oak aging. With good potential of ageing, years make deepening its yellow hue and gaining a richer flavor


What to pair with The Shy Pig Chardonnay?

Perfect to pair with poultry or pork, rich shellfish, saltwater fish and aromatic cheeses. 

The Shy Pig, Chardonnay, 2019

  • Region: South Eastern Australia

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