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Brie is a soft cheese with a bloomy rind. It is obtained from cow's milk. It bears the name of its region of origin, Brie, a rich agricultural region east of Paris. This version of the famous cheese is made in Spain. Brie TGT is combining best of both worlds with a cheese that has a fresh milk taste and an evenly creaminess. Enjoy this Brie brought to you in Metro Manila, Philippines.


How is Brie made?

The milk is first collected. Milk is first and foremost the cow. And the cow feeds differently depending on the season. Hence the variations in the taste of Brie depending on the period.

To achieve maturation, lactic ferments and natural flavors are added to the milk harvested the same day. These ferments are beneficial for digestive health and give each Brie cheese its unique taste. Small manufacturing secrets are specific to each manufacturer. From the morning of the 2nd day, we draw the matured milk in basins which will be used to mold the cheeses and we monitor the microbial flora.

Then, the rennet is added to each basin of milk. 
The molding is done with a master's hand, just after the drawing and pressing of the milk. With an expert, precise and quick gesture, the molds are filled  After several hours, the whey is evacuated. Rest the curd on its straw.
The temperature of the premises is maintained at 30 °C so that the fermentation takes place well. It begins as soon as the molds are put to drain. Brie cheese takes on its full consistency when the whey is perfectly drained. Every day, the cheesemakers turn over the molded Bries, hence the irregular streaks made by the rod placed at the bottom of the mold.
Once the Bries are unmolded, they are salted with dry salt. After salting, the Bries are stored in a draining room and tilted so as to evacuate the last droplets of water. They are also sprayed with penicillium which gives them their beautiful flower rind.
Stored in the ripening room, the longer the ripening, the tastier the Brie.
Before shipping to the point of sale, the Bries are weighed and packaged to be sold whole or in portions.


What is the tasting profile of Brie?

Brie is a soft cheese with a bloomy rind. The rind is covered by a white down and the cheese itself is ivory with holes in it. Brie is creamy and soft and can be runny when ripe. It has aromas of undergrowth and maple and a flavour of mushrooms, hazelnut and milk.


What wine to pair with Brie?

Brie is a cheese that pair really well with a red wine without too many tannins. Therefore a pinot noir or merlot are great choices. We would recommend Laforêt Bourgogne Pinot Noir or Murphy Goode Pinot noir. A St Emilion is also a amazing pairing (Peaky Blinders Shelby Company Ltd Saint-Émilion). Enjoy your Brie with bread!

TGT - Brie - Piece 125g

  • Enjoy this creamy and light in taste gem cheese, Brie TGT brought to Metro Manila, Philippines for you. 

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