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Tartufi Morra Black truffle flavored olive oil dressing is obtained through a cutting-edge production process, which allows to obtain an olive oil with an intense fragrance of black truffle. Made available in Metro Manila, Philippines for you.


About Tartufi Morra

Tartufi Morra was born in Alba in 1930.

Founded by Giacomo Morra, it was the first company to market and offer products based on the Alba White Truffle, the renowned Tuber Magnatum Pico. And it is thanks to Giacomo Morra that the White Truffle becomes the protagonist on the tables of enthusiasts from all over the world. He was in fact the creator of the International Alba White Truffle Fair, which still today attracts enthusiasts, visitors and tourists from all over the world.


What is the tasting profile of Tartufi Morra Black truffle olive oil?

The complex flavors of black truffles are blended into the olive oil. the taste is strong buttery and earthy. It has a musky, fruity aroma, and a flavor that is familiar and profound. Rich and powerful, it is faithful to its fungi family.


When to use Tartufi Morra Black truffle olive oil?

Preserves unique aromas and fragrances over time. Particularly suitable for flavoring salads, pasta, risotto, meat and fish carpaccio, main courses, cheeses and eggs. Try is simply with our breads.


Tartufi Morra - Black truffle olive oil - 55ml

  • A wonderful olive oil from Italy, infused with Black truffle. 

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