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From the town of Castiglione Falletto in Italy's Piedmont, Sordo Giovanni, Barolo DOCG is made with the Nebbiolo grapes. It is one of the world's best wines and it is often called the king of wines, and the wine of kings. Brought to Metro Manila, Philippines for you.


Grape Varieties: 100% Nebbiolo

Region: Piedmont, Italy


About the Vineyard and the wine

With this philosophy Sordo Giovanni works their vineyards according to the suggestions of modern agriculture. In the inter-rows they maintain controlled grassing with grasses and other plant species which, in addition consolidate the soil by preserving it from rainwater washout, increase the organic substance at the time of burying, totally eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides.

They treat the vines above all with sulfur and cupric products such as Bordeaux mixture and only in case of serious need, they make use of other health aids, strictly following the advice and dosages indicated by qualified agronomists.

They have solved the difficult problem of waste water, with the construction of a state-of-the-art phyto-purifier that allows water free of pollutants to be returned to the ground. With these principles, which they always continue to improve following the progress of science, they hope to contribute to the defense and protection of our Mother Earth. The vines are located on medium hill, with calcareous marl compact and deep bluish-gray,rich in microelements.The grapes are harvested, destemmed and crushed and undergo a long maceration, the vinification happens in stainless steel tanks and the maturation also for 6 months. Then the aging is for 24 months in large Slavonian oak barrel.


Tasting notes

Red garnet colour with orangey nuances which become more accentuated as years go by. Sordo Giovanni Barolo is delicate, etheric, intense, full and lingering aromas. The flavours are warm, full, complex, dry and harmonious. Its austerity is linked to the presence of sweet and complex tannin.


What to pair with Sordo Giovanni, Barolo?

Sordo Giovanni, Barolo can go very well with roated meat and game meat and other meat with personality and strong flavors. You can also enjoy it with hearty cold cuts such as terrine. With cheeses it would go well with the strength of a blue cheese such as bleu d’Auvergne.

Sordo Giovanni, Barolo DOCG, 2013

  • Known as the king of wines, Barolo is definitely one of the world's best wines. Try this wonderful gem brought to Metro Manila for you. 

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