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Made from pasteurised ewe’s milk. The rind is coated in penicillium Roqueforti and has a distinct broken marbled texture. It is the Roquefort of Spain. Enjoy this wonderful cheese brought to you in Metro Manila Philippines.


How is Roncari blue cheese made?

The blue cheese Roncari Blue is produced by Quesera Navarra Enaquesa in Spain. It is also known as Queso Azul Ronkari-Blue by the locals. Actually, the PDO gave it a protected designation of origin in 1981, making it one of the first Spanish cheeses to do so. This stunning Spanish blue has its historical origins in the Roncal Valley in the Navarrese Pyrenees in Northern Spain. Additionally, this blue cheese is made locally by artisanal cheesemakers using the premium Latxa sheep milk. It's not unexpected that people frequently refer to it as the Spanish Roquefort. Pasteurized sheep's milk is combined with Penicillium roqueforti by the cheesemaker, who then wraps the produced wheels in foil. Additionally, the foil stops the cheese from developing a natural rind. Additionally, it keeps a comparatively high moisture content. The wheels are then aged by the affineur for up to 4 months. Overall, the loosely packed creamy pâte is covered in scattered pockets of greyish-green mold caused by the Penicillium mold.


What is the tasting profile of Roncari Blue cheese?

Made from pasteurised ewe’s milk. The rind is coated in penicillium Roquefort and has a distinct broken marbled texture. The maturation lasts between four and six months giving it a powerful yet pleasant flavour which is slightly piquant. Being wrapped in foil allows for sustained quality from the first cut to the last. 

What wine to pair with Roncari blue cheese?

To pair a Roncari Blue cheese the ideal is a sweet wine as it will balance out the strength and pungent taste of the cheese. We would recomment a Pelissero, Moscato D'Asti. If you prefer it with a red wine, we recomment a strong red wine with some spices such as a Malbec from the South West (Lionel Osmin, Villa des Causses Malbec).

Roncari Blue cheese can also be used in cooking, for a example it is great in making sauces for steak or grilled meat.Pair it with bread!

Roncari blue cheese - Pack 100g

  • Taste the uniqueness of Roncari Blue cheese here in Metro Manila, Philippines. 

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