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Delight your taste buds with a selection of four different pintxos! This box is full of flavors and ideal to share with friends, with a glass of wine or sangria! The H&T's Pintxo box is crafted to satisfy everyone!


What are the pintxos in this box?

First, we have included the traditional Jamon Serrano and Manchego Pintxo, the freslhy cooked baguette sliced has a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, it is the Spanish classic by excellence, and it is so good. Secondly, there is the Bleu D'Auvergne and blueberry-sichuan with walnut pintxo. This Pintxo will make you discover the perfect balance between the creamy yet strong taste of the French blue cheese together with the sweetness of blueberry-sichuan jam. Then, we associated the unique taste of black Italian summer truffle with the one of Chorizo pamplona,  with Truffle sauce and Chorizo Pintxo. Feel the savors of forest mushrooms and truffle that blend very well with the Spanish delicacy.  Finally, there is the Duck pâté with Armagnac and peach rosemary pintxo, a perfect combination. The pâté is so flavorful and get so well with the peach-rosemary jam, one cannot stop asking for more. 

H&T's Pintxo box

  • Indulge with this home crafted Pintxo box!

    Each box contains:

    - 3 pieces Jamon Serrano and Manchego Pintxo

    - 3 pieces Bleu d'Auvergne and Blueberry sichuan & walnut Pintxo

    - 3 pieces truffle sauce and Chorizo Pamplona Pintxo

    - 3 pieces Duck pâté with Armagnac and peach rosemary Pintxo

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