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A mollete is a soft, round double-leavened bread roll native to Andalucia in Spain. Those are made here in Metro Manila Philippines by Dr Bread!


History of Mollete bread

This bread could have been introduced to the Peninsula by the Arabs, although its origin is also related to the unleavened bread that the Hebrews used in their religious ceremonies. In any case, the first written reference that we find dates back to 1775, in Antequera, as part of a chapter act by which a certain Manuel Esbrí is allowed to make French bread and muffins. The same document also gives us clues about the quality of these breads, since it sets a price slightly higher than that of common bread. As you already know, the most famous mollete is that of Antequera, but it is also made with great success in other places such as Bobadilla, Málaga or Puerto Serrano and Algodonales, in Cádiz. In essence, it is a soft, undercooked bread. You can easily distinguish it by its characteristic oval shape and muffin size; Once in the mouth, its texture is spongy and its flavor is mild. It is very common at breakfast time, although it is also very common in all kinds of snacks and appetizers. When preparing it, the muffin is usually lightly toasted and opened in half so that different ingredients can be added as a sandwich or toast. Olive oil is one of the complements that best matches the characteristics of the muffin, but it is also very common to accompany it with other specialties, such as the classic manteca colorá. In short, a bread of quality and tradition that is a delicious institution in Andalusia.


What to go with your bread?

Simply with cheeses, cold cuts or jams!

Mollete bread - 80g

  • Freshly baked mollete bread, following the classic Spanish recipe.

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