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From the warm South West of France, Lionel Osmin Cahors is a unique wine made for great tastings, it was brought to Metro Manila, Philippines for you.


Grape Variety:  Malbec

Region: Cahors, South West, France


About the winery and the wine

Initially, the people behind Lionel Osmin were just companions in love with the wines of the South-West and determined to share their passion... and then they had a tenuous idea, to achieve what no one had ever done, to create a quality trading house on the theme wines from the South-West like other regions such as Burgundy, the Rhône.

Under Lionel's leadership, "Lionel Osmin et Cie" was born to promote loud and clear the discovery of the unique grape varieties and terroirs of this region.


Tasting notes

With the Lionel Osmin & Cie Cahors Malbec, a first-class red wine comes into the swirling glass. Here it reveals a wonderfully brilliant, purple-red colour. The bouquet of this red wine from Sud Ouest enchants with notes of blackcurrant, blackberry, blueberry and mulberry. If we trace the aromatics further, firewood, cocoa bean and oriental spices come in.


What to pair with Lionel Osmin Cahors?

This wine will do wonders when associated with red meat and also meat or venison in stews. We recommend to enjoy it with hearty cold cuts like terrines.

Lionel Osmin, Coeur de Malbec Cahors, 2020

  • Region: Cahors, South west, France

    Amazing Cahors from the renowned Lionel Osmin. A perfect crowd pleaser. 

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