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Kalios Garlic infused olive oil is produced naturally with the best olives and garlic. A wonderful gem to enjoy everyday. Made available in Metro Manila, Philippines for you.


About Kalios

« Greece flows through our veins ». As does the olive oil that Kalios has been producing for 8 generations in the south of Greece, in a little village called Neochori-Ithomi, in the Kalamata region. In 2010, they decided to take on the family olive exploitation in order to create Kalios, the Chefs’ olive oil!

After the harvest, they drove through Paris on motorbikes, organizing spontaneous tastings in restaurants, making the greatest chefs sample their olives and extra virgin olive oil.

Two months later, thirty 5-litre cans, eighteen jars of olive paste and twelve 2-kilo jars of olives had been sold: Kalios history was in the making!


What is the tasting profile of Kalios Garlic infused olive oil?

Made from a bitterness free olive oil (Koroneiki – Late harvest), the infusion reveals all the fresh garlic notes. This oil is unheated to protect all its organoleptic properties. Without aroma, it is 100% natural. This artisanal recipe produces an oil with an unique intensity.


When to use Kalios Garlic infused olive oil?

It is ideal for enhancing your gazpachos, grilled fishes and bruschettas. Try is simply with our breads.

Kalios - Garlic infused olive oil - 250ml

  • A wonderful olive oil from Greece, infused with garlic flavors. 

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