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Made with lentils, chorizo, bacon and pork snouts and sauce, this Lentils stew is a explosion of flavours in the mouth. It is a staple Spanish specialty that can be enjoyed for any occasion. Enjoy this delicious meal brought to you here in Metro Manila, Philippines.


About Huertas

Inaugurated on August 27, 1960 in the La Mancha town of Malagón (Ciudad Real), Huertas has been since then dedicating itself to the preparation of preserves and meals in can, which gives it extensive experience and knowledge in techniques and offers quality products.

Already in the early years of the 1960s, it was established as a pioneering company in its field, preparing and preserving cooked dishes using heat treatment as a basis for conservation.

In Huertas only high-quality products are packaged, monitored and maintained through its own quality control, and respecting the tradition of Spanish cuisine at all times.


How about this famous lentil stew?

Lentils stew with chorizo ​​are a traditional culinary preparation from the province of Ávila.The popularity of the dish spread throughout Spanish cuisine with various meat variants and throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. It is a usually a winter dish, easy to prepare, as it is mainly served hot. But you can also enjoy it anytime of the year as it is a crowd pleaser.


What wine to pair with this Lentil stew with Chorizo?

Pair your Lentil stew with a nice velvety red from Spain, Beronia Crianza would be a a perfect choice. However you can also enjoy it with hearty and generous red, therefore Cuma Malbec is the ideal companion. Enjoy your Stew with bread.


Huertas - Lentils stew with Chorizo - Can 415g

  • A wonderful Spanish stew, easy to prepare, and that pleases everyone!

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