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It is made from flour, water, salt and levain, and has partly replaced the traditional loaf of bread of France. But its history is much more recent than one might think. Made here in Metro Manila Philippines by Dr Bread!


History of Baguette

There are three legends about its origin. It would have been invented at the beginning of the 19th century by Napoleon's bakers. Lighter and less bulky than the traditional loaf, the wand would have been easier to carry in soldiers' pockets.

But according to another source, it was an Austrian baker, August Zang, who introduced the baguette to France. In 1839, the Viennese opened a bakery in Paris. There he allegedly sold oval-shaped breads, such as those then found in Austria.


Finally, the baguette would have been invented on the Paris metro site in the 1900s. At that time, labor was brought in from all over France and fights between Breton and Auvergne workers were frequent. To prevent the settling of scores from ending with a knife, the contractors reportedly asked the bakers to design a loaf that could be broken without a knife.


What to go with your bread?

Simply with cheeses, cold cuts or jams!

Half Baguette - 130g

  • Freshly baked half-baguette from Dr Bread. Tradtitionally made with levain.

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