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The Garcima enameled paella pan is a good everyday pan that still fits in your stove top burner and can be used for more than paella.


Before Using

To remove the label, heat the pan slightly. It will easily peal off. Wash with mild soap and water. The enamelled coating will protect the steel surface underneath from rust.


Care during use

This product has been designed for use with gas or direct flame. Never place an empty pan on direct heat. Heat your pan slowly and control the heat at all times. If you use your pan in the oven, do not allow it to be exposed to temperatures higher than 250º C or for more than 10 minutes. Never use in microwave ovens. Use only metal or wooden utensils and never plastic. Please note that these types of metal pans reach higher temperatures than normal pans. While is use the entire pan is hot. The pan is intended for use by adults only. Keep the pan away from children at all times.


Care Instructions

Please note that this product is not covered with non stick materials and therefore, food may stick. To clean the pan after use, we recommend soaking the pan in warm water and mild dishwashing soap for one hour, this will loosen any stuck food matter. The pan should be thoroughly cleaned in warm water and mild soap. Once cleaned, dry the pan with a soft cloth.

Garcima - Paella pan in enamel finish - 4 portions/30 cm

  • Garcima is the premier brand of authentic Spanish paella pans, with a 70 year history manufacturing top quality cookware. This Garcima paella pan is enamelled for easy cleaning and rust protection.

    Enamelled pans don't rust in the way that carbon steel pans do, requiring less care and maintenance.

    The pan is slightly convex at the bottom making it perfectly suitable for gas hob, open fire, or oven; but not so suitable for induction or flat electric stovetop. The enamelled finish is not suitable for dishwasher due to the abrasiveness of dishwashing chemical, and should be hand washed.

    The pan is rigid and durable and will last a long time in your kitchen, though the enamelling will chip if the pan is hit hard against a solid surface, and this can expose the raw steel.

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