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Made in Galicia in Spain, this wonderful sweet cider with strawberry flavors is here to please everyone. Brought to Metro Manila, Philippines for you.


About the maker

Maeloc was a 6th century bishop of Britonia, a settlement founded by Celtic peoples in Galicia, Spain. Galicia is located in the northwest corner of Spain, and is the region where Maeloc is now brewed. Maeloc is the result of a commitment to something different. It means taking the path back to the beginning. Maeloc is Galician cider brewed with apples sourced from more than one thousand local apple farmers. Respect for both the environment and tradition are the inspiration behind the range of Maeloc hard ciders. Maeloc Cider come from Galicia, Spain. Made with 100% Galician apples sourced from local farmers, our cider spends 4 months spontaneously fermenting before being bottled.


Tasting notes

This cider is Rosy and brilliant in color. A pleasant fusion of sweet strawberries and the unique ripe citric scent of yuzu. Strawberry with smooth cider notes in the aftertaste.


What to pair with Cider Maeloc Strawberry?

Cider Maeloc Strawberry is a perfect wine to enjoy with salads, raw fish or marinated fish dishes. But you can also appreciate it with a bleu cheese (bleu d’Auvergne).


Cider Maeloc Strawberry, 330ml

  • Origin: Spain

    This Sweet cider with strawberry flavors at 4% alcohol from Spain is here to please everyone! Unique taste yet easy drinking, it will definitely satisfy your taste buds. Perfect for aperitif!

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