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Lots of berries such as cherry and raspberry, a nice acidity and a round medium body with low tannins and vibrant backpalate. Casamatta Rosso is a Beautiful gem from Tuscany and it was brought to Metro Manila, Philippines for you.
Grape Variety:  Sangiovese
Region: Tuscany, Italy
About the wine
Like most of Bibi Graetz wines, the name is very evocative, “Casa-Matta”: the “Crazy-House”, is a bright and approachable version of Sangiovese. The idea of this wine is to be considered Bibi Graetz house-wine, fruity and fresh but at the same time a truly expression of Sangiovese!
Casamatta grapes are sourced from the youngest vineyards, from the north of Florence down south towards Siena. The fermentation is conducted in stainless steel tanks to maintain the style of the wine, and it last for no more than a week without any maceration at the end of the process. The different vineyards are blended and age 6 month in stainless steel tanks before the final bottling. Casamatta unlike vintage wine, is an evolving solera-style creation, a significant wine, where younger wine nourishes the older ones, freeing its true character and complexity.
Tasting notes
This red is the maker’s favorite whenever he wants a glass of wine. It is a Sangiovese with lots of cherry and raspberry, a nice acidity which helps with food and a round medium body with low tannins and vibrant backpalate.
What to pair with Casamatta Rosso?
This wine will do wonders when associated with grilled steaks, roasted poultry or game birds or even italian dishes with tomato sauce. We recommend to enjoy it with hearty cold cuts such as our terrines.

Bibi Graetz, Casamatta Rosso, NV

  • Casamatta Rosso is very unique as it takes the best of younger wines, blended with older ones, making a non-vintage gem that we brought to Metro Manila for you.