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Around the 1920's, Alcoy was a city renowned for its textile industry - a capitalized, educated city in the midst of expansion.
At that time, Cándido Miró Rabasa, a textile businessman from Alcoy, began a new venture that was to culminate in the manufacture of a food product popular throughout the entire world, the Anchovy Stuffed Olives. Green olives stuffed with Jamon Serrano are one of the favorites!


Tasting Profile

Serpis is known for producing great olives, and this batch of Manzanilla green olives, which have been pitted and filled with jamon Serrano, truly lives up to the hype. You will really enjoy this if you have ever alternated between nibbling on olives and jamon serrano. The olives themselves have a soft texture and a moderate saltiness. The jamon has a rich and savory taste. They have a rich, savory flavor and are an absolute treat.

Serpis - Green olives stuffed with Jamon Serrano - Jar 235g

  • Green olives stuffed with Jamon serrano from Spain, ready for you to eat as a snack, or to add them to your favorite recipes. Perfect to enjoy with your tapas platter or during the aperitif with a glass of wine. 

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