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Escargots de Bourgogne comes from Burgundy region in France. Those two dozen escargots come with their shell to enjoy them the traditional way. It was brought to Metro Manila for you!


About Sabarot
Since 1819, the Sabarot family business has been offering a complete range of pulses, cereals and seeds, including its flagship product "Green lentils from Puy". She is also a specialist in mushrooms and snails.The Burgundy snail is generally considered the best snail by gourmets.


What are the origines of Escargots de Bourgogne?

The consumption of the snail dates back to the origins of humanity, as evidenced by the presence of shells in caves of prehistoric habitat. It was a popular dish among the Romans who ate them fried. Considered “impure” in the Middle Ages by the Church, its consumption tended to disappear. It becomes a food reserved for periods of scarcity. In Charente, in the 16th century, sailors embarked barrels containing snails in order to have a reserve of fresh food for the crossing.


Tasting profile

Escargots are often said to taste like fish or chicken, with an earthy taste reminiscent of mushrooms. For the most part, however, the snail takes on the flavor of the butter or sauce with which it is cooked.



Take the snails out of their box, run them under hot water, drain them and then prepare them to your liking. We recommend to enjoy them with the famous recipe that bears the same name. Simply by slowy softening butter and adding chopped garlic, shallots and parsley. Lightly seasoned it and stuff the escargots in their shell with the butter.

What wine to pair with Escargots de Bourgogne?
It is recommended to pair Escargots de Bourgogne with a glass of dry white wine with a touch of minerality from the same region, for example a Bourgogne Chardonnay (Joseph Drouhin) or a Chablis (Domaine de Mauperthuis).

Sabarot - Escargots de Bourgogne (Burgundy snails) - Can 24 pces with shells

  • These escargots are great for an unusal meal, be suprise by how good they are! Enjoy them with a glass of white wine!

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