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Cow’s milk washed rind soft cheese, Pont-L’Évêque is named several centuries after its creation, after the name of the town which welcomed the producers who sold it to its market. From Normandie in France, it was brought to Metro Manila for you!


How is Pont-L’Évêque made?
It takes 3.5 liters of cow’s milk to make a Pont-l’Evêque. Once the milk has curdled, it is then molded in the famous bottomless square molds to allow draining. The cheese is then turned over several times. Placed in a cellar, the waltz continues: it is turned over again every day. It is finally salted and then sent to the maturing cellar for a minimum of 3 weeks, where it will be washed and brushed with lightly salted clear water.


What is the tasting profile of Pont-L’Évêque?

The smell of this cheese is quite pronounced, giving aromas of farm and yeast; but its taste is sweeter than its smell. Its texture is supple with a slightly sticky crust in the mouth accompanied by good aromas of hot milk and hazelnut.

What wine to pair with Pont-L’Évêque?

Pont-l'évêque goes perfectly with dry red wine, light like a Bougogne Pinot noir when young and with a Saint-Emilion when it starts to be more matured. Pair it with our breads!

E. Graindorge - Pont-L’Évêque - 220g


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