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About Nico Jamones

Nico Jamones is a Spanish family business currently managed by the second generation to whom grandfather Nico has been able to transmit his great knowledge of the product, the ability to select the best raw materials and know the needs of customers, signs of identity of our company for more than 50 years.


What is Jamon Iberico de Cebo?

The Jamon Iberico de Cebo comes from animals with at least 50% of the Iberian breed. They are bred in captivity, fed on feed and slaughtered at less than one year of age. It is also known as the intensive Iberian.


What is the tasting profile of Jamon Iberico de Cebo?

Jamon Iberico de Cebo does not have a simple aroma, but rather becomes harmoniously complex and unique. It is round, permanent, slightly tasty and with sweet touches. A subtle flavor, but one that persists on the palate . The  flavors are umami and with notes of mushrooms, nuts and more. It is a real explosion of savors in the mouth. 


What wine to pair with Jamon Iberico de Cebo?

Pair your Jamon Serrano Bodega with a nice velvety and young red from Spain, Beronia Crianza would be a a perfect choice or a Hito Ribera Del Duero too. However, the ultimate pairing will be with a CAVA, therefore Franck Masard Mas Sardana Cava Brut Nature NV is your best choice! Enjoy your Jamon Iberico de Cebo with bread, it will also be the best companion in your cheese and cold cuts platter, it makes the joy of every gourmet.

Jamondor - Jamón Ibérico de Cebo - Pack approx. 100g

  • This jamon comes from Iberian pigs (Spain) that live in large spaces outdoors, fed mainly with cereals, natural pastures and with acorn. This is the jamon by excellence and perfect to enjoy with a red wine. 

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