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Movie, Tapas & Sangria Night (good for 3 to 4 persons)

  • Great tapas box to enjoy with your favorite TV show.

    - 1 bottle of Lolea red or white sangria

    - Approx. 150g Guadamur queso de Oveja semicuradoManchego style  (Spain)

    - Approx. 100g Nico Jamones, Jamon Serrano Bodega

    -  1 can (120g) Bonito del Norte (white tuna) in olive oil (Conservas de Cambados from Spain)

    - 1 jar (235g) Serpis pitted manzanilla olives (Spain)

    - 1 jar (30g) peach rosemary jam

    - 2 freshly baked half baguette

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