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This sharing version of the Kouign Amann, a traditional French pastry known as Brittany's most cherished dessert and pronounced kween ah-man, will completely satisfy your celebration of sweet need! Made accessible to you in Metro Manila!


The history of Kouign Amann

In Breton, Kouign Amann means "butter cake", it is a regional specialty originating from Douarnenez, located in the department of Finistère.

The most probable story is certainly that of this Baker from Douarnenez, Yves-René Scordia, who made his Kouign Amann for the first time in 1860, by chance, in his bakery, on a busy day, when he lacked cake at the stall. You should know that that year, butter was produced in abundance while flour was running out, so the Baker tried to make a bread dough with unusual proportions, which gave a "failed" bread dough.

In order to avoid wasting this paste, and to be able to satisfy the impatient customers, Mr. Scordia had it cooked. This unusual mixture then gave birth to this crispy little cake, with a good taste of butter and caramel, which met with immediate success in his Bakery.

If the know-how is transmitted from generation to generation, no writing on the original recipe or its date of creation could be attested. Moreover, the municipal archives of Douarnenez contain no information on the subject.


How does Kouign Amann taste like?

You have to taste it to believe the delicious fusion of sweet, salty, sticky, buttery, crispy, flaky, and soft. The dough is a little different from croissants or puff pastry because it is made with bread flour. The right amount of salt is essential since the real ones are almost as salty as they are sweet. You may savor it at room temperature or reheat it in the oven at 190 degrees C for 1.5 minutes.

Kouign Amann Cake - good for 8 persons (pre-order 3-4 days)

Order ready in 4 working days
  • Try this sharing version of this traditional dessert from Brittany, France. A cake made from the finest ingredients - several layers of in-house-made bread dough, butter and sugar. The cake is slowly baked until the butter puffs up the dough and the sugar caramelizes. 

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