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Le Beurre D’Isigny or Isigny Butter is an AOP or PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin). It is made in accordance to the local traditions, and using exclusively milks of Isigny terroir in France. We brought this magnificient butter to Metro Manila, Philippines for you to enjoy it.


How is Isigny butter made?

It is the so-called "old-fashioned" slow maturation that allows the creams used for the butter to develop all their aromas and all their organoleptic qualities. Inoculated with lactic ferments, they are left to rest and mature for 18 hours., then are churned with the greatest respect for tradition.

The butter is the result of this mechanical work. Once the butter droplets are isolated, the artisan knead them. Eventually, that's when they salve the butter.

Isigny butter is made exclusively from cream, milk and lactic ferments: its taste, texture and color are completely natural, its production is traditional.

Also and as required in the DOP technical manual, nothing is added or taken away from the butter.

Did you know? For 1kg of butter, 20 litres of milk are needed!


What is the tasting profile of Isigny butter?

It is famous for its golden buttercup colour and its distinctive notes of milk. The greatest cooks have always loved cooking with Isigny Sainte-Mère butter. Indeed, a butter that is both smooth and supple, which knows how to remain "stable" during cooking. It is a game changer! It benefits from an exceptional terroir, on the borders of Cotentin and Bessin. The mild and temperate climate of the seaside grows a grass full of mineral salts and trace elements. This richness is found in the milk of cows which gives a butter with an inimitable aroma, smoothness and color.


What to eat Isigny Butter with?

This butter is meant to be spread on bread. The right way is not keep some little chunk of butters, thick enough to be able to appreciate it to its fullest. You can enjoy eat with our selection of breads or even with viennoiseries. It is the perfect companion for your breakfast and we serve it as part of our Brunch. You can also appreciate this butter with bread and Caviar.

Isigny Butter roll - 250g

  • Isigny Sainte-Mère butter the “grand cru” of the dairy world and naturally rich in nutriments. Its worldwide reputation for excellence goes back centuries, which matters to a chef! Here available in Metro Manila, Philippines. 

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