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From the renowned family, Ginestet La Réserve de Fernand is a beautiful gem that will show the terroir of Bordeaux wines. Brought to Metro Manila, Philippines for you.


Grape Varieties:  Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Region: Bordeaux, France


About the Vineyard and the wine

In 1897, Fernand Ginestet founds Ginestet & Co. This House proudly bears the name of its founder, and perpetuates over the years his ambition to contribute to the influence of Bordeaux wines in the world. Demonstrating a true vision of the profession, a key player in the structuring of the interprofessional organization, Fernand Ginestet was already convinced of the importance of forging deep links between viticulture and trade.

The family has always been part of the prestigious world of Bordeaux Grands Crus, having owned Château Margaux, Clos Fourtet, Cos d'Estournel etc.
In 1978, the Ginestet family passes the torch to the Merlaut family and joins the Taillan Group, founded in 1961. Jacques Merlaut, whose energy and vision are legendary, shakes up the fine wine trade in Bordeaux.

In 1998, Denis Merlaut takes over from Jacques Merlaut at the head of the Taillan Group. His business sense, perspective and rigor inspire the Maison Ginestet teams and promote the modernization and development of this “great” Bordeaux house.

Every day, they strive to continue the long family tradition of the House: Arouse the emotion and pleasure of tasting a great wine by linking it to its origins.On five continents, always with the same philosophy for generations. This is the art of trading Bordeaux wines according to Maison Ginestet.


Tasting notes

This wine has a beautiful dark and intense color. It offers us pretty notes of red berries and spices. The palate is round, ample and well balanced, in harmony with the olfaction.


What to pair with Ginestet La Réserve de Fernand?

This wine will do wonders when associated with grilled white or red meat. We recommend to enjoy it with hearty cold cuts such as our terrines.


Ginestet, La Réserve de Fernand, 2018

  • Region: Bordeaux, France

    Amazing Bordeaux wine from the renowned Family. For you to enjoy in Metro Manila.

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