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Falksalt wild mushroom sea flakes is a must try. Coming from Sweden it is a fine product that will enhance every dish. This gem was brought to Metro Manila, Philippines for you, get to try it!


About Falksalt and its sea salt flakes

Falksalt was founded in 1928, which makes them one of the oldest brands in Sweden, it is also the most popular premium salt brand on the market.
Their first class salt products can be found in stores all over the world.

The Sea Salt flakes add a new dimension to your cooking. It dissolves more slowly than your regular table salt and triggers pleasant sparks each time a flake hits your tongue. The color and scent of the flakes add an extra flourish to every dish or dinner table.


About the Wild Mushroom sea salt flakes

Those Mushroom flavored sea salt flakes are light brown in color with a pyramid shape. They are mixed with small pieces of crushed porcini mushroom and infused with an intense porcini mushroom aroma, very umami!

Falksalt Wild mushroom finishing salt. Those add a delicious touch to roast potatoes, steaks, risottos, or pastas.


What wine to pair with Falksalt Wild Mushroom sea salt flakes?

It is a great to enjoy on a nice steak (John Stone Ribeye) or a pork chop (Dingley Dell Pork chop).


Falksalt - Wild Mushroom sea salt flakes - 70g

  • From Sweden, these sea salt flakes are known to be one of the finest salt in the world. Very umami with flavours of Porcini, it is a must try!

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