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An intense bite of creamy chocolate covered in a thin layer of cocoa powder. Ideal to enjoy at any time of day. And we brought it from Spain to Metro Manila Philippines for you!


About Confireria Delaviuda

Behind the Delaviuda brand that we know today hides a humble and family origin. A fact that marks our way of seeing things, and that makes us believe, even more, that the artisanal elaboration of the products unites us to our roots. It is the year 1927, when Manuel López and María Rojas open a small confectionery in the province of Toledo. D. Manuel, who had learned the trade from a very young age, thus followed a family tradition. Little by little, the confectionery is gaining the trust of its customers. But, as in life, difficulties appear when they are least expected, and in 1939 D. Manuel passed away. Mrs. María, a widow with two children, continues the family business. With his effort and tenacity, he not only manages to move the confectionery forward, but also makes it increasingly popular. The products made in the small workshop evolve, but without losing sight of their secret: the tradition and quality of their recipes. More and more customers appreciate your know-how. And it is precisely these, the ones that little by little are creating the brand every time they go to look for the “de la Viuda” sweets. Today, following the family tradition and respect for artisan production, La Confitería Delaviuda offers the most complete range of sweets, products with which to travel back in time, and savor the magic of La Confitería recipes.

Delaviuda - Classic ChocolateTruffles - box 250g