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Conservas Leyenda Natural preserved black truffle is produced in the rioja region in Spain.The truffle are of high quality and delicately preserved to enjoy for a long time. It was brought to Metro Manila, Philippines for you, get to try this beautiful gem!


About Conservas Leyenda

Conserva leyenda is a company established for many years in the food sector. Its origins as a family business have not prevented them from growing and advancing in this sector, with the constant commitment to improve and adapt to new consumer demands.


Conservas Leyenda distinguish themselves with two fundamental and essential reasons; fidelity to the unmistakable traditional flavors and their well-known quality and adaptation to new technologies in the constantly changing food market.

Leyenda does not only produced very good vegetables. Mushrooms are another of the typical products from La Rioja in Spain.


About Conservas Leyenda - Natural preserved black truffle

Conservas Leyenda - Natural preserved black truffle of very high quality. It is often used to cook truffle dishes (poultry, foie gras...). This intensely scented truffle invites itself into your kitchen to enhance all your creations. The best way to enjoy it is to thinly slice it on a dish when serving it.


What wine to pair with Natural preserved black truffle?

It is a great to enjoy when paired with light red wine, such as a pinot noir from burgundy (Laforêt Bourgogne Pinot Noir or Côte de Beaune.


Conservas Leyenda - Natural preserved black truffle - 10g

  • Produced in Spain, this preserved truffle is the perfect topping for your pasta, risotto, paella or even simple salads! 

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